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PadsCure ™ is a custom manufacturer of engineered gel and foam pads since 1990 when our mother company is established in Taiwan.  We have years of experience working with designers of orthotics and sports medicine products and turn their requirements for cushion, compression, support, comfort, protection, stabilization, anti-friction, anti-vibration, and anti-slide into reality.  Our expertise has allowed us to create products in molded silicone gel, TPE gel, Polyurethane gel and Polyurethane foam. At PadsCure ™ we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by constantly researching, developing, improving and innovating.  Our gels/foams formula are all non-toxic and non-allergenic and will not support bacterial growth.  PadsCure ™ has utilized sophisticated R&D and manufacturing capabilities to develop the most advanced, eco-friendly and innovative materials for the healthcare market.  As a contracted OEM/ODM supplier to many well-known brands, PadsCure ™ commits to relationship that is for long-term and mutual growth. >>more


Markets Served


PadsCure ™ serves a variety of industries with a wide range of Silicone gel, TPE, polyurethane gel/foam products that are designed to provide cushioning, support and tissue protection in variety of shapes, designs, and materials.  Our professional and experienced sales and engineering team works closely with customers to offer tailored designs and materials to each specific product or application. We can provide CAD drawings, tooling, prototypes and assistance through the design process to ensure complete customer satisfaction and quality products. >>more



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